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Vital Statistics
Real Name Preston Saige
Alias Bearclaw
Age 30
Race Human
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
Bearclaw (Headshot)

-Bounty Hunter

Murder. Killing. Bloodshed. Assassination... Whatever name you choose to call it they all have one thing in common- death.

Bearclaw (Preston Saige) is a 30 year old bounty hunter. Neautral.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bearclaw is a Caucasian male of 30 years. He has black hair, or rather had, for it has all been shaven off. He has blue eyes and usually a firm look on his face. He has many scars all over his body. Every part of his body but his face is covered in a furry, brown layer of hair. His nails have been sharpened to a razor tip like a bear's and he has done the same for his teeth- which are usually hidden behind a protective mouth mask.


Born in Olympia, Washington, Preston Saige was born with a birth deffect. Hair covered his entire body except his face. Ashamed of this abnormality, his parents carried him into the high, cold mountains and abandoned him there. They expected him to die....they were graveley mistaken.

A pack of norther grizzly bears found the screaming, crying baby Saige and took him back to their den. There, they raised him as one of their own. They taught him their language, trained him to fight like a savage beast, and when he turned of age they released him into the real world.

Preston discovered his linage soon after leaving the mountains, and set out to do the one thing he'd wanted to do all his life- murder his parents. In cold blood he murdered them. In the rush and adrenilane of this moment, Preston became addicted to blood shen and killing. Soon, however, he realized that killing innocent people was wrong, and that only the wrong do-ers should pay, whether they were villains, heroes, or normal people.

Thus Preston Saige became a bounty hunter. Set on vengence and death, he scowered the world, signing contracts and killing men and woman for money. Soon, however, he bacame drunk on power. One day he mistakenly traveled to Roostville.

Not expecting a fight, he nearly killed one of his targets....and would've gotten away with it if a certain Archer of the Night hadn't intervened.

Preston quickly made an enemy out of Black Hawk, and the two began their age old quarrel against each other.

Adopting the name Bearclaw and donning a bear pelt outfit, Preston Saige became known to assassins everywhere as the "Scourge of the Den".

Later on down the road, Preston met a young woman named Anya West. Falling in love the two married. Preston secretly fell into retirement in order to be with his beloved. A year prior to their wedding, Anya gave birth to a young baby girl named, Paige. However, on Paige's first birthday, Anya was killed by a rival bounty hunter. Swearing vengance, Bearclaw was born again...however this time he had a partner. As his daughter grew in age, Bearclaw trained her to the extreme. He taught her his fighting style, taught her how to survive in the wild, and soon she became a full fledged assassin prodigy.

Today they are known as Bearclaw and Scout, two of the Assassin's Guilds most powerful and deadly members. They fight not for justice or chaos....but for blood shed and killing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bearclaw has no superhuman abilities, but instead uses various assassin's tools. He uses an arsenal of homemade (usually stone based) daggers, knives, axes, sledge hammers, staffs, spears, and more. He is very fast and strong, being able to lift almost 350 lbs. He has a high endurance/stamina rate and can last in a blizzard/storm/sand storm for hours on end. Also, he has sharpened his fingernails to the point where they are as sharp as knives. When disarmed, he can easily use hand-to-hand combat to slit his foes' throats.


Black Hawk- Bearclaw's arch-enemy, Bearclaw has a blood contract with himself to stop at nothing to kill this hero.

Scout- his beloved daughter, Scout is the only thing he truly cares about in this world as of today. A trusted

Scout (Paige Saige)

prodigy, partner, and equal, Scout will stop at nothing to please her "papa bear".

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