Black Hawk
Black Hawk
Vital Statistics
Real Name Ryan Padilla
Alias Black Hawk
Age 24
Race Human
Born July 16, 1988
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
Quote1 A hero doesn't become a hero, they're born one Quote2
---Black Hawk

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Black Hawk

Black Hawk
-Master Marksman

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My advice for the rookies? Don't die.

Black Hawk (Ryan Padilla) is a 24 year old human male archery prodigy. He was adopted into a long line of prestigious archers and has proven to be like his adoptive family- skilled with his hands and archer eyes.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Black Hawk is a Caucasian male of 24 years. He has black hair that is always spiked and ruffled. He has blue eyes and usually a smirk on his face. He has many scars on his back and arms, and also across his legs. His teeth are described as, "shining white", and his hands are callused from gripping his bow far to often.
Ryan Padilla


Ryan Padilla (born Ryan Jace) was born in the year 1988, to Rufus and Carla Jace. His parents died in a car crash when he was only three years old, and he was orphaned to St. Julia's. At St. Julia's he was adopted by Kevin Padilla and Mila Padilla, and taken back to Roostville. They raised him to be honest and trustworthy, and when he turned 13 they revealed their family secret to him. The Padilla family was made up of a long line of master archers. They trained Ryan in the ways of the bow, and he quickly proved to be a nautral- never missing his target. However, tragedy struck: Ryan's parents were one day murdered by a robber in a dark alley. Ryan, witnessing it all, chased the killer down to an abandon chemical facility. Ryan threatened to kill the robber, but knew this would only make him no better than the criminals that inhabited his city. Ryan left the robber to the cops and returned home, where he created a high tech bow and a hunting/tracking suit. He dawned the insignia of a black hawk with red outline, and became Black Hawk- savior of Roostville.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Black Hawk has no superhuman abilities, but instead uses and bow w/ a quiver of arrows. The arrows are usually regular, but some containe special exlposives attached, or pack-a-punch bombs. Black Hawk also wears a high tech suit that allows him to hear like a bird, sprint like a bird, and see as far as the eyes of an eagle. This black and red suit also helps him climb faster, jump extremely far, land on the ground without breaking bones, and it also allows him to track animal and human scent as well as hunt better.
Black Hawk


Razorleaf- When Wend Hendricks came to town, she didn't expect there to be any competition. Realizing that she was easly outmatched by Black Hawk, she decided to take him out. However, this put her on the bad side of the Law. Becoming the rouge villain of Roostville, Razorleaf is Black Hawk's number one rival.

Blue Burst- Blue Burst became Black Hawk's best freind and love intrest during her short time living in Roostville. She also became his first wife, untill she was killed by Hellion.

Ember- Soon after recovering from the loss of his first wife, Ryan began to fall for his fellow Saviors team mate, Rebecca aka Ember. Currentley they have begun the process of dating.

Borderline- enemy for a short time

The Huntress- Huntress (JJ) is Black Hawk's first apprentice/sidekick.

The Saviors- The Saviors is the special superhero team that Black Hawk belongs too.

Rogues GalleryEdit

Black Hawk's "Rogues Gallery" is a vast assortment of his most popular/dastardly villains:

  • Razorleaf- Master Markswoman/Professionall Villain; Razorleaf is Black Hawk's arch-nemisis and long time enemy.
  • White Eagle- Remorseless Assassin/Master Marksman; Razorleaf's son.
  • Crow- A winged super villain who heils from the Nether World and is a skilled arcane enchanter.
  • Hellion- A pyrokinetic assassin who killed Sarah Shockz, Black Hawk's first wife.
  • The Painter- a villain with the ability to bring his deadly drawings/art to life.
  • Blood Vulture- A clone of Black Hawk, designed to be twice as fast, strong, smart and to be able to defeat Black Hawk with his dual bows.
  • Category- a master puzzler and super genius, Category is one of Black Hawk's smartest enemies. He usually desgines detailed and elaborate traps and leaves behind scientific/forensic clues that require a great deal of knowledge to solve.
  • Temptress- A young woman who is gifted in the art of illusion. She has a unique "charm" like voice that allows her to easily hypnotize her victims- usually men.
  • Bearclaw- A remorsless assassin/bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to make sure his target is shout- his target being Ryan Padilla.
  • Scout- Bearclaw's partner in crime, she is very versatile and skilled, but is no match for Black Hawk. Instead she settles for his apprentice, Huntress, in battle.


Hawk Bike- a sleek, black motorcycle designed to go almost as fast as the speed of light, Black Hawk uses this vehicle to get from place to place. The Hawk Bike- as he calls it- was built with an AI (Artifical Intelligence) program. This AI acts as a GPS of sorts, and also as an advisor to black hawk. It speaks with a female computer voice when he asks questions. He is currentley working with Wolfman on building a module to add a "hover" affect to the bike.

Hawk Bike

Hawk Bike
-AI Motorcycle

Welcome. I am Hawk Bike. I am an artifical intelligence designed to assist my creator, Black Hawk, in any way possible. Please- make yourself at home.
Hawk Bike


Black Hawk: An Archer's Tale

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