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Blood Vulture
Blood Vulture
Vital Statistics
Real Name Ryan Padilla
Alias Blood Vulture
Age 24
Race Genetic Clone (Human DNA)
Born January 1, 2013
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
Blood Vulture (Headshot)

Blood Vulture
-Genetic Clone of Black Hawk

 – 20:40, September 1, 2012 (UTC)

You say he is my "father". Yet you forget that I am his equal.

Blood Vulture (Ryan Padilla) is a clone of the 24 year old human male archery prodigy known as Black Hawk (Ryna Padilla). He was bred in a high tech, underground facility and is a nearly flawless equal to the Shadow Archer.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Blood Vulture is a Caucasian male of 24 years. He has black hair that is always spiked and ruffled. He has blue eyes and usually a smirk on his face. He has many scars on his back and arms, and also across his legs. His teeth are described as, "shining white", and his hands are callused from gripping his bows far to often.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Blood Vulture has no special abiltiies, but instead uses dual (two) bows w/ dual (two) quivers. The arrows are usually regular, but some containe special exlposives attached, or pack-a-punch bombs. Blood Vulture also wears a high tech suit that allows him to hear like a bird, sprint like a bird, and see as far as the eyes of an eagle. This blood red suit also helps him climb faster, jump extremely far, land on the ground without breaking bones, and it also allows him to track animal and human scent as well as hunt better.

Having been bred to over power and defeat the original Black Hawk, Blood Vulture is ten times faster, stronger, and has more stamina than his predecessor. He also has more precission and aim than Black Hawk, with better hand eye coordination and accuracy. This allows him to be able to fire two bows at once, something mastered only by a few- not including Black Hawk.


Black Hawk- in some terms, his "father", Blood Vulture is a nearly flawless clone of Ryan Padilla. Bred to kill, his number one goal in life is to destroy the famed, Archer of the Night. His purpose on earth is to stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Ember- considering that Ember is Black Hawk's girlfriend, it seemed only natural that Blood Vulture would develop a similar interest in her, right? could say that. Jealous of the original Ryan Padilla, Blood Vulture will stop at nothing to take Ember from him- even if that means killing her.