Vital Statistics
Real Name Lance McFarlane
Alias Borderline
Age 24
Race Mutant
Born October 5, 1988
Status Alive
Production Details
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-Professional Supervillain

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Life is like the butt of this cigar...each second you get closer to death, your life burning away into ashes...
Borderline (Lance McFarlane) is a 24 year old, billionare, mutant, born with the power of Substance mimcry. By touching a solidified substance (i.e stone, crystal, metal) he can absorb it and make his body made of that substance.

Physical appearanceEdit

Borderline is a muscular man with shaggy brown hair (that can change color when substance is absorbed) and has pure white eyes. He wears a hazard hemlet that covers the back and sides of his head. This helmet blocks out any telepathic or supersonic dangers.


Lance McFarlane was born into a wealthy family of drug lords. When he was only 13, he discovered his super ability of substance mimicry, while at a play ground. He had absorbed the rusty metal on the monkey bars, turning his structure into rusty metal, and he beat the bully messing with him till he was dead.

Lance left before the police arrived at the murder scene, and ended up hunting down all the witnesses and spiking them in the chest with a crystal arm. Thus began his evil career as a powerful, mutant druglord.

When he turned 18, Lance killed his parents and took over the family drug buisness. At the age of 21, he developed a lust for money, power, and drugs that ultimatley resulted in a crack overdose. However, his chemical mutant structure (and the fact that he was made of crystal at the time) made him live, but drove him over "the mental borderline." After the overdose, he became the super villain Borderline. He murdered the other rival drug lord families, took over the city of Golden Glow, and began to control it. Known to most as the King of Gold, Lance McFarlane became the feared mayor of the city.

When Sarah Shockz came to town, Borderline thought he could make her his prodigy. He created a super suit for her, the biosuit she uses now, but instead she decided to fight for justice and peace. Borderline ulitmatley became her enemy and long time nemisis.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Substance mimicry is Borderline's power. This means he can touch a solid substance and absorb it, making his physical/ chemical structure of that substance. Ex: He can touch crystal, and he will become a crystal humanoid.


Blue Burst- arch-enemy

Razorleaf- partner for a short time

Black Hawk- enemy for a short time