Burning Flame
Burning Flame
Vital Statistics
Real Name Drake Star
Alias Flame
Age 28
Race Human
Status Alive
Production Details
Series The Ultimate Force

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Burning Flame (1)

Burning Flame
-Fire Criminal

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Afraid you might get burned?

Burning Flame (Drake Star) is a 28 year old human male who's DNA got altered when he volunteered for an expirement which caused him to obtain incredible powers.

Physical appearanceEdit


Drake has a yellow outfit that he uses once he is Burning Flame. The suit is all light yellow and dark yellow, it has claws on its wrists and a supply belt.


Early LifeEdit

When Drake was young his parents died in a car crash. He was taken by his grandmother and raised until he was nineteen years old. At the age of eighteen he joined the US Army and was later taken to the Project Human Upgrade.

Becoming Burning FlameEdit

Quote1 I didn't become a monster! I turned into something many fear and can't control, but I can...I am fire! Quote2
---Burning Flame

When he was tested something went completely wrong. He escaped the camp (in Alaska) where after the test. Days after his escape, he gained the power to turn liquid to fire.

The test did alternate him phisically but also mentally, he became quiet insane. He was discovered by an expert martial arts who thought that he could turn him good but after learning everything the martial artist taught him, he killed him.

Years later he became a criminal known as Burning Flame. He began his criminal career under the Mafia group known as The Nightwatchers and later went solo.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Can transform water into fire.
  • Good fighter.