Vital Statistics
Real Name Cal
Age 17
Race Human
Status Alive
Cal is a 17 year old human male who has eidetic (perfect) memory, and can teleport.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cal has relatively long, blonde hair that can occasionally block his vision if he doesn't comb it. He also has deep brown eyes. He has a light tan complexion, along with a medium build. Cal stands at roughly 5'7, with a weight of around 140 pounds.

Cal also enjoys wearing white jackets over his black Underarmor clothes. During the spring and summer, he is almost always seen wearing tan cargo pants, but is not above wearing jeans if the need calls for it. When he is in gear however, he always puts on a durable black outfit, along with cycling gloves and tight fitting track pants. However, Cal generally does not wear his outfit and thus resorts to wearing whatever is available when he is needed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cal has been shown to have perfect sensory Eidetic memory, which causes him to remember everything he has seen, heard, smelled, touched, and tasted.

Cal's main ability, however, is that he can bend reality to create a wormhole like state which allows him to teleport instantly to any location of his choosing, however the end point has to be within the space of another wormhole state. Thus he is generally limited to about a 30 yard radius around him. Nevertheless, this can be by-passed if he is in the presence of his twin brother Matt, or if Matt is creating another wormhole state elsewhere.

The full extent of his wormhole manipulation powers is unknown as of now, but is currently purely limited to teleportation.




Order of the Revenant ArcEdit

Cal teleports into the Portals (Heroes) room and inquires his brother if he has the Revenant of Charity Serena, to which Matt nods. Cal then turns and greets Black Hawk before telling him that Serena is "all bark and no bite". They proceed to exit, discussing Serena and her title on the way out.[1][2][3] He later walks into the Meeting Room (Heroes), sits down, and greets Wolfman. He witnesses his brother teleport in as he waits for the other members to arrive. He looks at Charity while the others talk, keeping her stuck in the room. He later formally introduces her to Captain Force and the rest of the group. After Serena's refusal to help, Cal is given $20 by his brother as per a bet. He later requests Wolfman to interrogate Charity herself, and it is revealed that both he and his brother don't know how to interrogate.[4][5][6][7]


Cal and Matt head to the Training Room (Heroes) and meet The Huntress. Cal then watches as Matt proceeds to spar with her in hand to hand combat.[8][9]



His relationship with his brother is of a generally friendly tone. Both of them are almost always seen together, and even when they are not, they are always close by due to their teleportation abilities. They have grown up together and have a very strong brotherly bond. However, they are not above bickering or even fighting over issues, such as girls. Nevertheless, they often co-operate with each other in order to get what they want, and will always rejoin one another after a fight or argument.



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