Captain Force
Captain Force
Vital Statistics
Real Name Mark Steall
Alias Unbreakable Man
Age 30
Race Human (altered DNA)
Born May 14, 1982
Status Alive
Production Details
Series The Ultimate Force
Created by ExtremeSSJ4

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Captain Force (1)

Captain Force
-Leader of The Saviors

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Defeat who you can, win all times and just never give up

Captain Force (Mark Steall) is a 30 year old human male who's DNA got altered when he volunteered for an experiment which caused him to obtain incredible powers.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit


Quote1 It's...the unbreakable man! Quote2

Captain Force is tall and muscular. He wears a grey and black cape, a red mask, red long sleeve shirt, red pants, grey gloves, black boots, a grey belt, black briefs and has a black Diamond insignia on his chest.


Early LifeEdit

Mark was born on May 14th, 1982. His mother Alicia Sand had him in a hospital in California, San Diego. When he was 7 years old his father was killed in a laboratory accident. Alicia moved in with her sister Marissa, she got a job which caused her to spend less time with Mark.

Marissa took care of him when Alicia wasn't home and became like a second mother to Mark. At the age of 19, Mark lost his mother and aunt in a plane crash, leaving him with no family members left. Five months after the accident he joined the US Army.

Becoming Captain ForceEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Captain Force has super strength, its not known how much weight he can exactly carry but he can at least 230 tons.
  • He has the ability to fly.
  • He has a healing factor, it heals him faster than most humans and is very helpful during a fight.



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