Elise Gatien

Cassie Erika Romano


Her white boot


Antique Opal Fire Bracelet


Her white skirt

Full Name: Cassie Erika Roman Edit


Sun and Moon; Yin and Yang


Her white shirt

Superhero Name/Villain Name: Shimera

Villain or Hero: Villian

Gender: Female

Born: May 15, 1995

Appearance: Cassie is 2 years older then Erin and looks similar to her, but she has a darker shade of brown for her hair and eyes. She is also 5"6 and 5 pounds heavier then Erin. She wears dresses most of the time when shes just plain Cassie. When shes Simera she wears a white long sleeve top, and a white skirt and boots. Like Erin she inherited something from her mother which her aunt gave her as a baby. an antique bracelet made of fire opal.

History : Cassie Romano is Erin Blackhearts older sister. They were both born in Fairfiled, Vermont but Cassie was given away to her mothers sister in New Jersey (therefore the different lastnames ) because Cassie's parents didnt think they could handle her. Her birth parents knew about her special abilities but never asked about them. only her adopted parents ( her aunt and uncle ) were the ones she knew who knew she had these abilities. Like Erin she was born with them.

Erin and Cassie knew about eachother. actually went on vacation or spent time together and chatted all the time with eachother . They had a strong bond before as just cousins but when they, found out they were sisters after there mothers death they grew even closer.

Powers/Abilities: Cassie can absorb energy from the sun or moon. She can use the light to make plasma balls, shadow travel, she can glow, or create mirages and some other abilities xD

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