* Full name: Kyle Bradly Krusen

  • Superhero Name/Villain name: Combustion
  • Villain or Hero: Hero
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: September 20th, 1996
  • History: Kyle Krusen lives in East City, a fictional city in central America. he lives with his parents George and Linda Krusen. Kyle was abducted one day from leaving the police station after reporting a crime and was then taken to a lab where he was injected with a serium developed by K.O.R.TEX which allowed him to absorb radiation. Kyle was used as a guinea pig to test if the serium could go against soloar radiation. after being exposed to a dangerous level of solar radiation the lab expolodd leaving no survivours except Kyle. however, the crystals created by K.O.R.


    TEX could stop him from using his new found powers. kyle escaped and learned he could transform into a solar powered hero, and he became Combustion.
  • Powers/Weaknesses: Powers: Can control and manipulate fire and posseses a power called the "sacred flame" which allows him to transform into "Nova Combustion", flight, invalrability, super-human strength, infrared vision and a healing factor. Weaknesses: K.O.R.TEX crystal which prevents him from using his powers.