Vital Statistics
Real Name Silverus Black
Alias Chapterhouse
Age 31
Race Human
Born Unknown
Status Alive, In Custody
Production Details
Created by Zeon1
Played By Zeon1

-By his left hand, I strike you down!

 – Time to die, infidels!-

There is not good or evil. There is only me.

Chapterhouse is an infamous villain, and current arch-nemisis of Darksider.


Chapterhouse wears a highly advanced suit of armor. What he actually looks like is unknown, as he has never taken off the mask.


Chapterhouse believes himself to be a holy knight of God, manipulated into this line of thought by the unknown organization calling themselves the Dead Man's Hand.

Little was known about Chapterhouse until he attacked New Metro, killing many. Darksider intervened, and Chapterhouse gained a strange facination with the hero. Deducing the Shadowy Avenger's real identity through an unknown method, then attacking a Cole Foundation party. Not only did Chapterhouse kill half the guests, he also murdered Daniel Cole's girlfriend, Alexa Matthews. The resulting fight between Chapterhouse and Darksider ended with the villain almost beaten to death.

Chapterhouse is currently in custody, but seems to escape at random intervals, attempting to destroy Darksider's soul once more.