Vital Statistics
Real Name John Aerino
Alias Crossroads
Age 25
Race Human
Born September 18, 3002
Status Alive
Production Details
Series TBA
Created by Bladewood

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Crossroads (Headshot)

-Supernatural Hero

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This world is weak. It needs a guardian. I shall be that guardian.
Crossroads (aka John Aerino) is a supernatural hero from the year 3027.


John Aerino is 25 years of age. He is tall, very muscular, and can usually be seen with a 5 o' clock shadow on his face. John has naturally green eyes. However, when he taps into his supernatural energy, his eyes glow an amber/golden color. His hair is a dark, shadowy black, usually slicked back with gel to keep his bangs out of his face (however he does let it hang in his face somtimes). His exact heigh is 6'2 and his exact weight is 147 pounds.


Crossroad's costume is simple. It comprises of black army boots that have 6 dagger sheates attached to the sides of them. He has two pistol holsters on the sides of his waist, and a large shotgon strap strung across his torso- which is then covered by a black bullet proof vested and layered underneath with a long sleeve black shirt. He wears a black cowl that allows him to see and hear far distances.



John Blake Aerino was born on September 18th, 3002, to Henrietta and Jacob Aerino in the small town of Vandal. John grew up as a middle class citizen- not having as much money as the rich, but more than the poor. Soon, however, the Aerino family became bankrupt after the birth of their second child, Jennifer. Struggling for food, water, and money, the family was forced to move from their home into the slums of Vandal.

Teen YearsEdit

Early on in his teenage years of life, John was forced to get a job. Payed less than minimum wage under the table, John did what he could for his family. With public school attendence being free, John found himself in need of books and a stronger education. John soon aqquired a job as a newspaper boy, a pizza boy, a cashier, and a bus boy.

Eighteenth BirthdayEdit

On his eighteenth birthday, disaster struck the Aerino family when Jacob Aerino was gun downed in the street for the money in his wallet. Soon after, John's mother died of depression. At this time, John was now a legal adult, so he was legally allowed to become his younger sister's guardian. Keeping ther small, shack-like house together, the two lived alone in sorrow for years....until the Plauge came.

The PlaugeEdit

In the year 3027 a plauge struck the entire world. Wiping 87% of the human population from the earth, the poor were left to scramble in the dirt while the rich and noble bought their way to sanatary lives. During the Plauge, many of the slum's inhabitants were infected. Becoming lifeless, sick zombies, they wandered the streetes in search of relief from their pain. However one man was immune- his name was John Aerino. John, upon discovering his immunity, transplanted some of his unique blood into his sister, giving her the immunity as well.

The Kindred OneEdit

With no hope left in the world, all seemed lost to the Aerino siblings...that is until they were visited by The Kindred One. A spirit of death from the Nether World, The Kindred One spoke of John as his chosen one. Chosen amongst tthe fallen race of humans, Aerino was tasked with locating the four Plague Bearers. To accomplish this task, The Kindred One gifted John with three supernatural abilities. To aid him in his fight against the Plague, The Kindred One also gifted Jennifer with supernatural abilities.

The End of the PlagueEdit

Once the four Plague Bearers had been defeated, John and Jennifer returned home to find they're city free of the Plague. Slowly, for the next few months of the year, the Plague died from the Earth. Humanity restoring itself overtime, John swore on his new found superhuman abilities to protect this world from threats of this dimmensions and others. Adpoting the secret identity of Crossroads, he would do just that.


The Kindred One approached John in his own time, bestowing upon him a task that would have him fly through the past. Arriving in the year 2013, John Aerino fell through the time shift, out of a portal, and into the middle of a training session between Death and Black Hawk. When John announced who he was to the unmasked Ryan Padilla, he quickly discovered that Black Hawk was his great-great-great uncle. Avoiding much contact with the other heroes, John fled to the Laboratory. While making a basic alchemic brew to help himself sleep, he was approached by the young, beautiful girl, Aquatica. However, their introduction was quickly interrupted by the young Kinet. As their conversation furthered, an old man named Lee suddenly appeared in the room. The other heroes (not knowing where he was from) quickly became slightly-hostile, and confused with the old man, however John quickly devised that he was from an alternate universe- Earth V. This short greet-and-meet quickly ended with Crossroads and Lee leaving the Laboratory to go introduce themselves to all the heroes around the house.

Later, Wolfman held a private training session with Crossroads, where John revealed his true identity to the young billionare. Together they fought one-on-one, only to have John overpowered in the end, but to have almost stood a formidable chance against Wolfman.

After Endor's alleged "escape" from Belowfire prison, Crossroads takes Death into The Narrows of Valiant, hoping that the young hero will cooperate with him while he takes him to the House of Horrors. Crossroads- planning to help rid Death of his fear and self-hatred/insecurity- talks to him along the way there about how he must do this for his own good.

Abilities and WeaponryEdit

John Aerino was gifted by a spirit of death, known as The Kindred One, with powers beyond the normality in this dimmension. With abilities heiling from the Nether World, John usese the following 3 supernatural powers to defeat his enemies and take a stealthy approach into battle:

Soul Flash: Soul Flash is an ability used to better simplify [stealthy] navigation. Soul Flash rips ones soul from their body, transporting it to the caster's requested destination. When the soul arrives in the set destination, the body follows. To the naked eye, it seems like simple teleportation, however it is much more complicated then that. An example of Soul Flash in action is...using this ability to vault across a large, bottomless pit.

Shadow Duplication: John Aerino has a unique ability that allows him to take control of his own shadow, and turn it into a doppleganger. This doppleganger can be used as a distraction or as an ally in battle. Despite being called Shadow Duplication, this ability also allows John to melt into the shadows, becoming quite literally "invisble". He can also morph the shadows around the body, contorting them into a suit of "shadowy armor".

Swarm of Spiders: The Swarm of Spiders ability is quite self-explantory in its title. John can summon a swarm of spiders to distract his enemies in battle, allowing for a quick and easy getaway. He can also use them to attack, summoning poisonous spiders to help defeat his enemies.

Weapons: Aerino uses an assortment of weapons including: Small assassination daggers, a long sword, a smaller short sword, two handguns, a sawed-off shot gun, poison viles, smoke bombs, and any other enviromental object that can be used to slay his targets.