DaRkLaZiK, who's real name is Lucille Davis, is an 11 year old villain who is the human form of Lazik's darkness. She was born the same day as Lazik. Her powers are the same as Lazik's, but she doesn't fear heights, possession of bodies for 30 minutes and psychological torture to Lazik solely. She can use darkness. Her weaknesses are Lazik being wounded, dying of blood loss because her dark energy is slowly taking her blood.



-DaRkNeSs InCaRnAtE

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I dOn'T cArE fOr YoU, sO dIe!


DaRkLaZiK was the blob on Lazik's head at birth. When doctors removed her, she was slowly developing exactly the same as Lazik. She used her mind link to Lazik to enhance Lazik's powers and her own. When Lazik was six, DaRkLaZiK materialized and took the name Lucille. She tracked down Lazik at her elementary school and killed her classes. She had no choice but to save Lazik because if Lazik died so did she. Lucille continued to torture Lazik psychologically and possessed an old woman's body in Valiant for the time limit that she could: 30 minutes. She told Lazik about the Safe House so she could get stronger along with Lazik. She then ran to the villain's safe house, purged from the old woman's body.


DaRkLaZiK has chest length black hair. She has red eyes that are always lowered. Lucille has a mainly black sailor fuku with white collars and a red bow. She also has a red aura surrounding her. She owns a katana that is pure darkness. Her eyes turn black when she uses her darkness powers.


DaRkLaZiK has a weird personality. She always has a calm look on her face but she is insane and kills everyone in her way. Being Lazik's darkness incarnate, she does not have compassion for anyone. She is aware of her powers killing her and really doesn't give a care. She shares Lazik's scientific prowess but she uses her inventions for evil. She is loud and fearless.