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Vital Statistics
Real Name Melissa-Olivia Gordon
Alias M.O.
Age 20
Race Human 
Status Alive
Production Details

Domino (Melissa-Olivia Gordon) is a 20 year old super villain. 


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Killing is my way. Try to get me to change, I will kill you, too.


Domino is a very odd woman. She stays isolated from most people. She is very calm and cool. She is known to have a twisted way of thinking, shown when she killed her parents with no hesitation. When fighting, she rarely, if not ever, loses her cool. She loves terrorizing people and torture. 


Melissa-Olivia Gordon was born to upper middle class parents in Boston. She lived a regular life, with her father fighting in the military. When she was young, her father died in action. Her mother was grief-stricken and remarried three years after. Her stepfather was a nice guy and pretty good looking in his own right. However, Domino did not accept him, and developed a hatred for both him and her own mother. Slowly, her hatred developed to when, on one day, she used her powers to kill her pet. She secretly trained these powers, and at 13, she killed her family in cold blood. She terrorized citizens of Boston and ran away to the Villain Safe House. 


Domino really looks like her villain name and is 5'7". She has white bangs and black hair. She also has a white and black shirt that shows her black tabletop. Domino wears black and white jeans with one black boot and one white boot.  wears multiple black bracelets on her hand.


  • Photokinesis- Domino can manipulate light energy by transforming it into black and white circular figures. 
  • Blood Manipulation- Domino can manipulate blood. 
  • Unstable Powers- Domino's powers are unstable. 
  • Powers Slowly Killing Her- As Domino gets older, her unstable powers are slowly killing her, shown when her legs are covered in a massive gash of muscle.