Green Dragon by LordHannu

Darrien Heart of Fire

Green dragon by elfessa-d125bm4

Dragan Blue-Lily and Darrien Heart of Fire

The green dragon by amisgaudi-d268rvq

2Darrien Heart of Fire

Dragon Eye v2010 by SulaMoon

Darriens Dragon eye

Eye 1 by LilyStox

Darriens Dragon eye when hes in human form

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Darrien in Human form

Full Name: Dragana Blue-Lily

Superhero Name/Villain Name: Dragon Arrow

Villain or Hero: Hero

Gender: Female


Dragan has waist length hair, lush forest green eyes, weighs 145 pounds, and is 5'3. She usually wears what she has in the picture with Darrien when shes Dragan Arrow. With the pic where shes alone thats her casual clothes.

Darrien is a giant green Dragonite (in dragon form ) with deep rich brown eyes

Born: N/A


Dragan is an elf girl from Dragonia, she lived on a small farm in a town in the Elf Forest; where all elves lived. One day when she was shooting in the fields at the birds to catch some dinner for her and her family; a Green Dragon come crashing down. He was very tired and weak, his left upper wing was damaged. At first she was timid and a little scared of the dragon but she helped it get better everyday. The more time they spent together the more they grew closer.

They told eachother all there greatest secrets, except 1. The Green Dragons name was Darrien Heart of Fire, he had one secret he wanted to tell Dragan despereately...actually 2; He was a Dragonite stuck in his dragon form, he wasnt really a full dragon. And he was the Dragonite Prince. They trained everyday, so Darrien could get stronger and Dragan fancied in the art of archery and offense. Later on something happened and evil wizard, Darkar attacked them . He was Darreins enemy and was the one who cursed him to be in his dragon form forever. The wizard used some sort of magic spell that had not been used in centuries and created a blackhole. Dragan and Darrien got sucked into the blackhole and were forever gone from that world until they found a way back. They ended up in our world where we live today.


Dragan can shoot her arrows as far as the eye can see, and like most elves she can make her ears normal like ours, and has over the average senses. She is faster then humans but is pretty average in Dragonia. She is also handy with a dagger or sword. She uses Elf Magic, like healing or protective spells and such.

Darrien Heart of Fire can fly, breathe fire, has massive sharp claws, good senses as well in his dragon form. In his human for he is good with a sword, can still breathe fire, and can go back and forth between the his dragon eye.