Vital Statistics
Real Name F'rr Zen
Alias Destroyer of Worlds
Age 91
Race Renian
Status Alive
Production Details
Series The Ultimate Force
Created by ExtremeSSJ4

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Endor (1)

-Destroyer of Worlds

 – 21:43, August 17, 2012 (UTC)

Worlds will suffer just like mine did.

Endor (F'rr Zen) is a 100 (Human years) year old Renian. He was born with immense power, he learned to survive in a wild world where his species got killed by an unknown race...making him the last of his kind (or so he thought).

Physical appearanceEdit

Endor is muscular and tall (6'4), he has red skin like all Renians and big full color eyes...his color changes by time so his original color is unknown. He wears his warrior armor from his planet and some of their weapons.


Quote1 I am the ruler of all the worlds, the king, I conquer all! Quote2

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Endor is a very strong Warrior (later Warlord) and has super strength.
  • He can control and produce fire.
  • He has the special ability to fly.
  • His skin is very strong and can withstand very hot tempetures and can also support high electrical charges.