Vital Statistics
Real Name Erin Abigail Blackheart
Alias Mentalia
Age 16
Race Metahuman
Born February 23, 1996
Status Alive;single
Production Details
Created by Mcleo1


Erin grew up in Fairfield, Vermont. She lived with both her parents. They weren't rich, but it was a pretty good life. She found out about her Telekinesis and Telepathly powers when she was about 8, and lifted up a vase with her mind. Her parents knew about her special abilities and let her practice her powers and grow in strength. She never really dealt with any violence in her small town, however. She moved away when she was 14 to a big city. After about a year of living there a masked man shot her mother. When they got her to the hospital it was to late to do anything, and the bullet was in a vital organ. Her mother died a few hours later. When her mother died that night Erin promised to make things right and try to not let this happen to anyone else ever again. She is now known as Mentalia. No one knows her secret identity, not even her father.

Appearance: Edit

She has brown hair and hazel eyes, which change with what shes wearing. Erin always wears an antique fire opal pendant which was her mothers. Shes 5'4 and is 145 lbs. She usually wears plain T-shirts and jeans when shes just a normal teen. But her outfit as Mentalia is a black metallic sleeveless catsuit with some black combat boots. but she always wears a pony-tail no matter what xD

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Her powers and abilities include Telekenisis and Telepathy. She is also good with daggers, and is a good fighter


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