Genetrix (Full Body)


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Genetrix (Full Body)
Vital Statistics
Real Name Unknown
Alias Genetrix
Age Unknown
Race Unknown (believed to be human as his blood is red)
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Production Details
Series Assassin Comics
Created by Bladewood
Played By No media portrayals

Genetrix is a neautral assassin.


Genetrix's history is unknown. However, it is slowly being unraveled as of Assassin Comics issue #15.

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Physical AppearanceEdit

His facial appearance is unyet known to the public, but his arms have been shown to be covered in scars and bullet wounds (shown in issue #6 when part of his armor was destroyed/ripped). This section is subject to change.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Genetrix wears a unique, futuristic assassin's suit. It is made of a silk, comfortable white cloth that allows for easier manuevering and running. His gloves are fitted with a synthetic fiber that allows him to stick to walls. Fitted in some parts of his suit (e.g. shoulder pauldrons, chest pate, leg guards) are metal, clockwork-like gears of armor. They protect him from any harmful enemy fire and attacks. His suit is also outfitted with a hood. This hood is made of an invulnerable, synthetic fiber that is as dense as silk but as protective as a bulletproof shield.

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This section is subject to change.


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Assassin Comics #1-

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Important Story ArcsEdit

  • Assassin Comics #1-
  • Shadows of Blood #4-17
  • Assassin's Renissance #1-24

This section is subject to change.

This article, Genetrix, is property of Bladewood.

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