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Vital Statistics
Real Name Christopher Ellis-Jordan Jr.
Alias Lonnie
Age 19
Race Human
Status Alive


-I can hear your thoughts

 – CT

Why don't I kill? Because, if I killed anyone, I'd be no better than a mass murderer. I don't care if you killed my best friend, or a bystander. I was once a thug, and I vowed to never be that way, to redeem myself.

Kinet (Christopher Ellis-Jordan Jr.) is a 19 year old man who has a peculiar appearance and is a telekinetic.He's the best friend of Absinth.


Kinet is a big flirt, and is always calling a girl "sweetie". He has his hands behind his head and is a very relaxed, optimistic man. He is sarcastic and can be a smart aleck. However, he has a sense of concern for any person or animal and he owns one cat named Candy. He does not fight women and is a perv, and will even dive into Absinth's shower. He can be very serious and cannot swim. Kinet cannot forgive his family for abandoning him, but he will not kill anyone or even a fly. With Absinth, he is almost like a brother to her and Absinth is almost a sister to him. He has sensitive feelings.


Kinet was born to the rich Ellis-Jordan family. Being the first child, he was expected to inherit his father, Christopher Ellis-Jordan Sr.'s money and companies. When he was born, his family was utterly revolted by his white skin, black lenses and white eyes. He was raised as the hidden child of the Ellis-Jordans, and was forced to watch his younger brother, Nathaniel, become the first child. When he was younger, Nathaniel and his parents abused him and his brother burnt him cruelly with an iron. He was abandoned at 3 by his family. He trained his telekinetic powers, and this is when he met the thieves on the streets. He robbed bystanders with his friends to make ends meet. He saw a young Absinth on the street, struggling to manage on a rainy night, and saved the young girl. Kinet was forced to persuade his friends to let her join. Now, he had a partner in crime, Absinth and became her best friend. When he was 11, they robbed rich scientists. When they saw Absinth and Kinet use their powers, they knocked out Kinet and took his body. He awoke, next to Absinth, in a lab with twisted devices of torture. He was tortured with his best friend until he was 16. Absinth saved the two, and for that, he swore that one day he will return the favor that she did for him.


Kinet is a 6'4" young man with an odd outer appearance. He has white skin and white hair. His eyes have black lenses and a white iris. He usually wears a full body cloak, which conceals no shirt, black rattered pants and boots. He has neck length, very spiky hair.


  • Telepathy- Kinet has telepathy, the ability of one to read another's mind.
  • Telekinesis- Kinet has Telekinesis, the ability to manipulate objects and create objects with one's mind.
  • Weakened Vision- Kinet has poor vision, and it makes it difficult for him to see certain things.
  • Fire- Due to his abuse as a child, he is deathly afraid of fire, and it has an effect on his powers.
  • Random Morph- In odd times, Christopher may revert to his 5 year old self, remembering no one around him.