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Vital Statistics
Real Name Daniel Redder
Alias Defender of the Knight
Age 23
Race Human
Born November 5th
Status Active
Production Details
Created by Zeon1
Played By Zeon1

-Defender of the Night

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I don't ask what I could've done. I ask what if I did helped anyone today.

Knightman is a 23 year old human male and one of the most famed superheroes in Valiant City. While he spends his nights as a superhero in the Safe House, he spends his days as Daniel Redder, millionaire and owner of Redder Electronics, one of the biggest hardware suppliers in Valiant.




Daniel Redder was born both blessed and cursed. Blessed in that he was the son of Dominic and Jenna Redder, who were the current leaders of Redder Electronics, the largest hardware company in Valiant. Cursed in that he contracted Hopkins Symdrome, a disease that slowly kills heart cells. Dominic created the KNIGHT system, a series of implants that allowed Daniel to live, while also increasing the strength of his entire body.

One day at school, Daniel accidently used his increased strength to kill a bully. Later that night, the bully's father, an escaped convict, murdered Daniel's parents. Angry and vengeful, Daniel spent many years until he reached 23 finishing a extension of the KNIGHT system, CHANGELING, which allows users to morph a single piece of clothing into another with a thought. Implating a protype into his KNIGHT implants, allowing the CHANGELING to be released through it. The CHANGELING took the form of a futuristic knight-style armor.

Determined to avenge his parents, he know fights crime under the alias Knightman!

Powers and TechniquesEdit

  • Enhanced Stamina- Knightman can fight for hours on end.
  • Enhanced Strength- Knightman can lift a Cadillac if he wishes to, best case scenario.
  • Enhanced Durability- Knightman's skin is hard to cut, and coagulates quickly.


  • Chariot- a chariot-shaped car Knightman uses for quick transportation.
  • Pheonix- a plane shaped like the bird, Knightman only had it recently built.

Rogue's GalleryEdit

  • Chapterhouse- the first villain Knightman ever fought, the scar on his mask comes from Chapterhouse's blade.
    • Excaliber- an energy-based sword that can cut through almost anything.
  • Carnival- the bully's runaway brother, Carnival doubles as a circus freak by day, crime lord and sociopath by night. He uncovered Knightman's identity, and currently seeks to kill him for what happened to his brother.
    • Punch Gun- A gun that fires a fist, is occasionally loaded with explosives.
  • Wolf Fang- a insane Wolfman-inspired individual, Wolf Fang has made it his mission in life to destroy all heroes. He and Knightman clashed briefly.
  • Seraphim- a femme fatale, the extent of her powers has never been exploited, save for the fact that she controls half of the organized crime in Valiant. She and Knightman battled, and she ended up revealing a technique, but Knightman was saved by...
    • Dark Attraction- Seraphim cuts the vitcim around the neck, then blows out a torrent of black smoke, which enters the wound and breifly controls the individual.
    • Energy Blast- a small burst of magical energy that can paralyze an opponent.


The Man of Armor - a description of Knightman's first days as a crime fighter, and his first encounters with his rogues gallery.