Lazik is an 11 year old heroine who is really named Selena Davis. She was born on May 2nd, 2002. She has powers of super strength and flight, but is deeply afraid of heights. She owns a stone guitar which is locked into high tech headphones. DaRkLaZiK and Lazik are mentally linked and she may be tortured psychologically by DaRkLaZiK. If she uses her powers too much, she may be killed due to blood vessels popping. She is a scientist.


-Science and Strength

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Greetings! I am belated to meet you!


Lasik was born to the scientist Larry Davis and Selene Davis (née Boudreaux) 11 years ago on May 2nd. She was born in Stone Mountain, Georgia. When she was born, a massive blob of dark energy was on her head, merging into her brain. Doctors quickly removed the blob. This would eventually cause her powers and DaRkLaZiK. When she was 2, she punched a massive hole into the wall. She showed early signs of super strength and jumped awfully high. DaRkLaZiK materialized at the physical age of 6. Lazik continued to live life in Stone Mountain. It was becoming clearer, as she got older, she was getting stronger. When she was 9, DaRkLaZiK killed her school. She ran but found her parents running. She joined them. They ran to Valiant. DaRkLaZiK possessed a body there and told her about the Safe House. Now she is there but goes home sometimes.


Lazik has very short very dark brown hair. She has black eyes with a slash of gold in them. She wears a black jacket. She has a grey shirt. She wears a white short skirt with black boots. She has her case and headphones. She wears glasses sometimes. As a civilan she doesn't wear her headphones or her case. She wears a striped shirt with blue shorts.
A girl from class by Kouken


Lazik is a nice girl. She talks eloquently. She is a scientist and her role model is Wolfman. She wants to be the best hero and avenge her school. She has manners. Sometimes she can be mean but when DaRkLaZiK possesses her she goes insane. She is a smart girl and is a pacifist but occasionally loses her cool. When discussing DaRkLaZiK, she swears and is stressed out.