Lee Xong is a Sorcorer of the Light/Dark Arts


Lee (Earth V)
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My heroic tale is ending, I am helping yours though

Lee Xong
Vital Statistics
Real Name Lee Xong
Alias Mentor, trainor, old man on bench reading paper and enjoying nature
Age n/a
Race Human/Sorceror
Born n/a
Status alive
Production Details
Created by JDUDE


Lee is a bald, old (age unknown, but past normal humans) asian man. He is tall for his age, standing at roughly 6' tall. His weight is unknown, as it seems to change at certain points during battle. In hisoutfit, he wears a white, black, and red costume, along with a hat (which he always wears) and a mask (which he always wears) to cover up the place where his light art magic made a scar, which will forever be a shame to him.


Lee is a happy, old man, not grumpy at all, and he is very wise and intelligent, but occasionally forgets what he is talking about


Lee was born in Earth-V, at an unknown year, but was trained with various martial artists, and became an amazing warrior throughout his childhood. Finally, he became a teacher, and trained the death of Earth V, who was trying to become mad, not calm, which he already was. Lee trained him to be an amazing fighter, and eventually, Lee was all Death had. Death finally found rage in him, but it vanished when Lee was tossed off a bridge. Lee realized that anger could make him do mad things, so he became a calm warrior. Lee, who was dead, was revived by a Light Sorcorer, who taught him the light arts. Lee vanished for many years, training in this process. One day, while in a war, unknown to the rest of the world, The light arts and the dark arts battled, and the light arts were losing, and at the last second, the Light arts gave up their life to transport Lee to a different dimension. Lees light arts were switched to black arts, but Lee managed to find a way to use these arts to his advantage, and became a hero.


Lee is an amazing martial artist, and is good at using most, but not all, weapons

Lee is incredibly smart and wise.

Lee can see the future, but either sees it distorted, in the other universe, or sees only a glimse, so he doesnt know whats happening. Only a few times can lee see actual future, but anytime, perfect or not, leaves Lee hurt.

Lee is a master at the dark arts, and the light arts, coming from both universes.

Lee can revive the dead, but only twice a year (unless with an extra power source) and it still harms his body.

Lee has delayed aging, as shown with being at least a few hundred years old with training skills. Reaching the end of his life


Nuclear: Anything nuclear, radiation, waste, even being around it can harm his magic

Taking off mask: His mask reveals his magic scar, if revealed, will kill Lee by draining all the energy out of him, and making the person who pulled off the mask much more powerful

Dark Arts/Light Arts Sword: If someone manages to find the secret to the sword of all swords, one strike and Lee could die