Light (Skai Nolun) is a 23 year old hero.


-Lady of Light

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It's hard to find light in the darkness.... but not impossible.

human form


Light was born Skai Nolun, on December 19, 1990. Her parents, two wealthy celebrities, spoiled her. She grew up, having model looks, being the popular girl, and was the captain of the Varsity volleyball team in her high school. She lived the high life, growing up in LA, but her parents were keeping a secret from her: Her distant ancestor was exposed to 500 degree sunlight when he was born, and survived, but not without consequences. He, and his desendants, could all turn into pure light. They could shoot light from their fingers and make light solid. Her parents didn't want to tell her. It was a horrible mistake, one that would change their daughter's life.

It was the championship game for varsity volleyball. There was a minute left on the clock. The scores were tied. Skai Nolun served the ball over the net, but a girl on the other team spiked it back at her chest. Right before it hit Skai, she turned into pure light. The ball passed through her, and hit the floor. Skai's team lost. She w

Multicolored light form

as shunned for the rest of high school, for her strange abilities. Her parents finally told her the truth, her history, her life. She moved out on her 18th birthday, to New Jersey. For 5 years she lived there, going to college, meeting new people, finding a boyfriend. When she was 23, engaged to her boyfriend, someone robbed their house and killed her fiance. She quickly fled, and turned into light. She flew to Valiant, right into the Safe House for heroes. She decided to become a hero, and used her powers for good. She learned to control her powers, and met other heroes and friends. But still grieving from the lost of her true love, she was an outsider, hardly talking.


Skai has golden hair and eyes, tan skin, and model looks. Her hair is lush and styled, her eyes soft, her lips perfect. She was known as the prettiest girl at her school. In light form, she is a g

Light form

olden color, a human shaped beam of light. She can also be multicolored in light form.


1. Light control: Skai can shoot light from her fingers and can turn light into a solid shape

2. transformation: Skai can turn into golden or multicolored light