Mirror, who is actually named Elysian Jordan, is a 26 year old heroine. She can manipulate your mind to show your fears infront of you. She can make a hologram, visible only to the person, of their fears and cause them to go crazy. She also can enter your mind and change things. She is blind, but her powers allow her to see a person's sillouette. However, she has a weak body which is slowly coming apart and has two metal parts on her arms to keep them together.

-Fear Maker

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I presume you are now my acquantiance?


Elysian was born in Minnesota, but her mother died and dad ran away when she was 1. She was put up for adoption by her aunts and was adopted by the Jordan family. She was born blind but could see some things via her powers. At the age of 5, she was kidnapped by Damian Song aka Vivid, her real father who was a villain with the same powers as her. She was forcefully trained and beaten when showing signs of "weakness". She used her powers at 22 to free herself from Vivid and unknowingly caused his suicide. She ran to Vermont. When New York was destroyed and Valiant being built on it, she moved there and found out about the hero Safe House and ran to there.


Mirror has dark white hair. She has light blue eyes but is blind. She has two metal parts on her arms, a black dress and a hood.