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Mr. K (Headshot)

Mr. K
-Armored Marksman

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Mr. K
Mr. K
Vital Statistics
Real Name John Kramer
Alias Mr.K
Age 13
Race Human
Born N/A
Status Alive
Production Details
Series TBA
Created by Josh-Son Of Hyperion

John Kramer is a 13 year old boy with amazing powers. He is a boy with light powers and is depicted as a boy that is wearing his carbon nanotube made shirt. He is now a trained superhero.

Physical AppearanceEdit

John Kramer is depicted as a medium height boy (about 5'2) and is often depicted as wearing his carbon nanotube armors that can change thickness covering his whole body.


He was born with Sarah Kramer and Bruce Kramer at a nearby New York hospital. John Kramer was then raised by their parents to become a hero someday. He was given carbon nanotube armors (shirt, long pants, gloves, helmet, etc.) with very pure tungsten shield and a magical bows and arrows. There, he was trained to become a hero.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

John Kramer can control light, but instead of draining his power, it drains his life force, making him one step closer to death. This is why he almost never uses his powers.