Vital Statistics
Real Name Reil Lockstead
Alias Psychosis
Age 28 - Human

94 - Ghost

Race Ghost
Born March 1st, 1918
Status Revenant of Psychosis
Production Details
Created by MattShadow

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Phantom is the name of a ghost who managed to escape from Other World. He employs psychological torture to create fear in his enemies and break them down.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Phantom stands at roughly 6 feet high, with dark hair and deep brown eyes. He has perfect white teeth and a deep tan complexion. He looks normal, except when he becomes emotional. When he is emotionally upset, his appearance changes to that during the state of his death. During those times he becomes more sickly and takes on the appearance of a being in a car accident.

Phantom is always seen wearing a dark leather jacket. Other than that, he appears to be able to change his outfit at will, but generally wears deep, black pants.


Little is known of Phantom's past, except for things he occasionally says while "on the hunt." The only thing known for certain is that he died of a car crash.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a ghost, Phantom has the ability to teleport at will, and he appears to have near infinite range of the earth. He is also permanently intangible, and only other ghost can physically interact with him. He has been shown to interrupt electrical devices and can cause lights to flicker at will or when angry. He can posses weakened individuals, and has been shown to have knowledge of events that are occuring simultaneously across the world. He has also been known to move objects around, but only when he has to.




Phantom is one of the few Revenants that do not go by their associated nature.