Raven Noel 17 year old form


Raven Noel 13 year old form


Raven Noeal 13 year old form

Full Name:Raven Noel

Superhero Name/Villain Name: Blue Phoenix

Villain or Hero:Nuetral

Blue Phoenix


Born: Unkown due to the fact that she gets reborn

History (At least 2 paragraphs): Raven has an "unusual ability" she is cursed to be reborn for enternity.Either as a 13 year old girl with blue and purple hair and beautiful blue eyes who doesnt seem that strong or as a 17 year old girl with hair as black as night and full dark black eyes, a glowing blue Phoenix tattoo on her back, and who has a cold heart. Its been going on for centuries non-stop. Even though she has different forms her name is always Raven Noel and she always has some distinct memory of being another person or having another life.

Kiseki Spirit of the dragon by zunifuun

Raven Noel reborn as a 13 year old girl

Water Dragon by shinga

Raven Noel reborn as a 17 year old girl

Most people who meet her right after her rebirth think she has amnesia, but unlike amnesia theres no chance of Raven getting her memory back. She has no recollection of where she was born, who her parents were, or anything at all from her past(s). Most people would say living forever is a blessing...but for Raven its an ever lasting curse that will never end.

Powers/Abilities: 13 year old girl: She seems helpless and fragile at first. But if you get her mad her inner demon will come out. She can shoot plasma balls, vaporize things with her eyes, and fly. The problem with when her inner demon comes out is that she cant control it, its controlled by her emotion.

17 year old girl: She can throw a knife with perfect aim, is really flexible, a master with poisons, shes a good assasin. The problem with her is that she doesnt know who to trust and is a killing machine. She is heartless....only once has she ever been weakened by emotion and that was a long, long time ago. And when she did let emotion take control of her she could slow down people or objects, it was like time was stopping.

Both: They both can turn into a blue Phoenix; the blue Phoenix can breathe fire, and see for miles and fly aswell. (this happens when they collide for a monent or something happens with there emotions and non-emotions) 

Raven in her 15 year old form


Raven in her 15 year old form


Raven in her 15 year old form using energy


Raven in her 15 year old form


Raven Noel 17 year old form