Vital Statistics
Real Name Wendy Hendricks
Alias Razorleaf
Age 19
Race Human
Born Febuary 15, 1992
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Bladewood
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Razorleaf (Wendy Hendricks) is a 19 year old human female archery prodigy. She was raised in the high mountains of Japan by a group of retired Samurai, who taught her the ways of the bow. She is a villain who likes robbing banks and tormenting her do-gooder rival, Black Hawk.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Wendy Hendricks aka Raozrleaf, has black hair and leaf green eyes. She usually covers her head with a black hood and wears a matching black archer's costume.


Raised by a group of retired Samurai in the cloudy mountains of Japan, Wendy Hendricks trained hard and fast. She quickly became one of the best archers in the temple, and was allowed to leave at onle the age of 14. She began to go around saving people from robbers and natural disasters as the masked vigilante, Razorleaf. But somewhere along the line, she made a mistake. She came to Roostville, home of Black Hawk. Black Hawk was already the savior of this town, and Razorleaf wanted his spot. She tried to frame him for a jewle heist, but instead was caught in the act and became Roostville's most wanted. Forced into becoming his enemy, the everlong struggle between Razorleaf and Black Hawk began.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Razorleaf has no powers, but she is a skilled archer. Similar to Black Hawk's, Razorleaf's hunting suit allows her to jump far distances, sprint fast, gives her more endurance and strength, and helps her have a farther distance of sight.


Black Hawk- her arch-nemisis.

Borderline- teamed up with him for a short while to help take down Roostville and Golden Glow City.

Blue Burst- enemy for a short time


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