The Safe House is the base of Operations of Heroes and were most superheroes rest and/or socialize with other heroes and sometimes they even discuss meetings about threats. The base is located in Valiant.


Section A - 6 RoomsEdit

  • Training Room: An enormous room where heroes can train and test their powers.
  • Showers: A medium sized room next to the Training Room where Heroes can take a private bath and relax all they want.
  • Laboratory: A gigantic room where Superhero scientist can expirement on.
  • Armory: Where all the dangerous weapons are stored.
  • Trophy Room: A room with collection of weapons, trophies and other materials superheroes keep like a collection.
  • Portals: A room full of portals to different locations of the cities.

Section B - 4 RoomsEdit

  • Cafeteria: A big room where Heroes could get food though its barely used it still works for some.
  • Dormitories: Rooms where heroes can rest in case they are too exhausted or don't have a home.
  • Medic Room: Where all your injuries can be cure (also called the Hero Hospital).
  • Hangar: The hangar is a room below the safe house where all vehicles are stored.

Section C - 2 RoomsEdit

  • Meeting Room: A room where Heroes discuss important matters.
  • Heroes Hub: Where Heroes get assinged missions and/or find data about criminals


  • Wolfman: The creator of the Safe House and the person in charger of the Heroes Hub, if you need anything ask him. He is also a combat trainer.