Sarah Kooper
Sarah Kooper
Vital Statistics
Real Name Sarah Kooper
Age 23
Race Human
Status Alive
Sarah Kooper is the Senior Technical Officer of the Safe House. She lives almost exclusively in the Laboratory.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sarah is a black female with fluffy black hair. She is always seen wearing her lab coat, and has never been seen wearing anything else.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sarah has no abilities or powers, other than that she is a tech and chemist genius, and has invented the majority of the technologies the Heroes use today, and reverse engineered several bioweapons and dangerous chemical weapons.



Sarah, with the help of Matt and Cal, invented the Teleporters used in the Portals (Heroes) room and elsewhere around the world.


Sarah Kooper sees Death messing around with the lab equipment and rushes over to stop the meddling. She inquires Captain Force as to who he is and why he was in the Laboratory (Heroes) touching the equipment. After they leave, she turns back to continue her work.[1][2]

The Huntress enters the lab and Sarah inquires to her visit. She informs JJ of her ongoing prank war against Cal and presents her with a special arrow to shoot Cal with and end it once and for all, and asks if she would help.[3][4]

Sarah comes back from lunch and sees a large group of heroes in the lab, and inquires as to why they were there and if they had seen Matt.[5]




Reference ListEdit

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