Silent Kill
Silent Kill
Vital Statistics
Real Name Ben Michaelson
Alias #1 Kill
Age 21
Race Human
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by ExtremeSSJ4
Played By Liam Hemsworth

This article, Silent Kill, is property of ExtremeSSJ4.

Silent Kill (Ben Michaelson) is a 21 year old human male. He was trained by his father, a famous Bounty Hunter known as Death Palace who taught him everything he knew. He previously was a Bounty Hunter but eventually allied with the heroes and decided to fight crime...his own way.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ben is 6'1 and has a muscular body. He has black hair, green eyes and is kind of tan. He usually wears red clothes and always carries a weapon if some ever tries to attack him.



Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Expert Martial Artist.
  • Really good accuracy.
  • Expert with technology.


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