Skyler is the goddess of woves and foxes, and an ex-immortal.


Skyler was born in Ancient greece, to a mortal woman and Zeus, king of the gods. Her mother died in child birth, but Zeus did nothing to help Skyler. Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and the home, took pity on Skyler and snuck her away to Olympus. When Skyler was ten, Zeus found out about her on Olympus. He became enraged, but Hera, his wife, calmed him down. She granted Skyler immortality, and made Skyler the goddess of wolves and foxes. Skyler lived on Olympus, looking down on mortals from the mountain.

One year, Skyler decided to take a little trip to Earth. She saw how crime was vast and common, and she saw one mortal who was planning to wipe wolves from the face of this earth. He had a pack of wolves locked in his basement, but Skyler freed them. The pack was very famous with the wolf world, and the pack leader, Amber, told her their name. They were the Lost Wolves, made up of wolves kicked out of their packs. Skyler took them to Olympus, and made them all immortal.

In the year 2013, Skyler and the Lost Wolves decided that they wanted to live on Earth. Skyler had heard about heroes living in Valiant who got rid of crime, and she wanted to join them. The Lost Wolves missed the earth, and they wanted to go back. Zeus said they could, but on one condition: they had to give up their immortality. Skyler


The Lost Wolves

The Lost Wolves

and the wolves agreed and they were sent to Valiant, living there now.


Skyler looks 17, when she is over a thousand years old. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.


Skyler is very curious, and asks a lot of questions. She is fun, but serious.


  • transformation: Skyler can turn into a wolf or fox at will, and at random times, she suddenly turns into one against her will.
  • air manipulation: since she is a child of Zeus, she can control wind currents, and can fly
  • lightning control: like all children of Zues, she can summon and/or control lightning
    Skyler (wolf form)

    Skyler's wolf form

    Skyler (fox form)

    Skyler's fox form

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