These are the rules of the Superhero Nation wiki! Please abide by them, and respect their authority. If you choose to not to obey the rules, there will be consequences.

This wiki is not related to DC or Marvel, its a wiki of your own superheroes who are not related to any other superhero universe.

Things we don't accept.Edit

There are a few things that we don't accept, and here of which are these:

  • Vandalism
  • Do not put Explicit, or Vulgar content without the appropriate template.
  • Do not insult, or harm other wikia members.
  • OP Characters
  • Pages that are not organized



Characters that are way OP (also known as Gary Stus/Mary Sues) won't be accepted in the wiki, your character can be a little OP but not that much. Most superheroes are OP but not that much and their powers have limits, here are a few examples of powers that won't be acceptable:

  • Never dies
  • Can kill by touch
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Can absorb nuclear energy and fire it whenever he/she wants
  • Can carry a whole planet
  • Power of a million suns
  • Can't be affected by any power
  • Can revive the dead whenever he wants (Some characters are allowed to revive the dead but only for a special amount of time)

Here is a defenition of OP characters

These are a few examples of powers that are OP and that are not allowed here, our fellow admin MattShadow is the official OP Supervisor and will let you know if your character is OP, he'll put the OP Template and will tell you what needs to be change, if you don't change his powers by four days then your character will be deleted.


Please be organize when you are creating your pages, we want to have this wiki look good and have it clean. When you are creating a page, don't forgot to add categories. A page to be consired organized must have the following requirements:

  • Character template
  • Categories
  • Heading 2 sections

Those are the main 3 requirements a page should have and please, make it look pretty.

Things we accept.Edit

Here are the things we accept. If you have any questions, just ask an administrator.

  • Suggestions
  • Relationship Between Characters
  • Bad words that you could consider not so big
  • Roleplaying of course

Administration RulesEdit

Even though Rollbacks, Administrators, and Bureaucrats are given special authority, and privileges, they must abide by a few rules also.

  • Respect thy fellow user.
  • Respect thy fellow user's property.
  • Give advice to new users if they need it.
  • Help people with Grammar, and Spelling.
  • Do not vandalize.
  • Give users a warning if they are doing something against the laws of the wikia.
  • Help the wiki grow.
  • Must be active at least 3 days a week.

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