Viktor Starc

The Beastman
-Unstoppable Monster

 – 17:32 5 April 2014

Viktor shall eat you!

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The Beastman
Viktor Starc
Vital Statistics
Real Name Viktor Starc
Alias Beastman

Beast "Big Ugly Brown Bear"

Age 45
Race Human
Born 1988
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Luke 12346
Played By Luke 12346

The Beastman (Viktor Starc) is a 46 year old mutant.


Viktor Starc was unemployed for most of his life, desperate for money, he signed on to do some "experiments" with a bunch of scientists, most of these experiments were transfusions of animal blood into his veins.

Unaffected by this, Viktor was happy he finally had some easy work, however, when tested with a new vaccine, the animal blood in his veins dominated his cells, changing him into a monster. He slaughtered the scientists and ran into the streets.


As Beastman:Edit

A giant monster with brown fur, long fangs, claws and as strong as a lion.

As a human:Edit

Average looking with brown hair, dark grey eyes and tanned skin.


When he was human, Viktor was quite smart, he could make ten dollars last him an whole week, however, when he became Beastman, his mental power was lessened greatly, he often is the pawn of a mastermind, often a soldier to a villain. He often refers to himself in third person.


Super Strength - As strong as a lion

Super Speed - Has the speed of a cheetah

Super Senses - Has the senses of a hawk

Immortality - Due to the vaccine, his cells are more regenerative then any on the planet, meaning he could take a bullet in the head and be only unconscious.