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Quote1 I live to avenge my brother, and the others who had their lives torn away by that man... Quote2
--The Huntress


The Huntress
-Master Huntress

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Never give up. Ever.
The Huntress (JJ Oson) is a 16 year old female, a master of the hunting bow and arrow



JJ has brown/red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She does not wear a costume, but a hunting outfit: a green jacket with a hood, black pants, black t-shirt, a quiver over her back, and a pair of dark green sneakers.


JJ was raised in a small town in Minnesota, near many public hunting grounds. Her father and older brother brought her hunting every other day since she was 7, unless they had important plans. When she was ten, they had to run to their car while they were hunting, but JJ stayed at the forest. A drunk man had was fiddling with a lighter at the edge of the forest, and he accidently set half of it on fire. JJ got away, but not with awful burn scars on her arm. JJ was traumitized by that and became afraid of fire. Her doctor said that the burns would fade, but would never go away. She started always wearing a jacket to hide the burns. Her father and brother taught her to use hunting knives, bow and arrows, and hunting guns. In a tragic accident, her brother was nailed in the head by an arrow, and he died in the hospital. The killer was a villian, who's name was unknown to her at the time. Right then and there she swore she would kill the person who did that to her brother, and she set out from home to find him. She still does not know his name, but is determined to find out. She helps the families of the other victims, swearing that she would avenge their now deceased loved ones.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Huntress has no powers, but she has deadly aim with archery. She has a horse from her father, and she rides him everywhere. It's her only form of transportation, and she is an expert in riding it. She uses her gun once in a while, and she always keeps her knives strapped to her leg in case of emergency.

Wiki HistoryEdit

JJ met Cal and Matt when she was training in the Training Room, and they challenged her to a sparring match. Matt brought her down right away, bringing him easy victory.

When JJ walked into the Laboratory and met Sarah Kooper, and Sarah asked JJ to help her with a prank war aganst Cal. She gave her a special arrow to shoot Cal with.

The Huntress OutfitEdit

The outfit that JJ wears while she is the Huntress is simple.