...And its not just because my computer glitched and I had to remake this blog.

I am having childish problems that you guys probably won't care about. I hope you listen anyway. I have moved to a new school that give sten-times the homework my old school did. I am unable to come onto this site most days. And Bask has payed the price.

I started as one of the first users, and yet I'm lightyears behind you all in stars. Bask used to be on the top bar. He was removed. That shouldn't bother me. It does. I feel like the motto of this site is you snooze, you lose, which is unfair because I am trying to do this. Its not my fault federal law requires I go to school.

I ask that you all try to be patient in this rough transistion for me, and not punch me when I complain. Which, rereading all this, will be alot. Thanks for listening!

(PS: If you read this without thinking "What a crybaby", your my best friend. :P)

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