Velvet (Silvia Blackheart) is a human spy.

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Vital Statistics
Real Name Silvia Blackheart
Alias Velvet
Age 24
Race Human
Born August 9
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Harleyquiinn

Physical AppearanceEdit

Has black shoulder width hair. Stands at roughly 5'6". She weighs about 130 pounds


Silvia and her family were born into a poor family, and anything they did was a loss. They family was fighting, and silvia took advantage, using blackmall and stealing to get what she wanted. Silvia wanted to be an actress, but didnt have enough money to get a part. Silvia was very angry at this but then she realized she could do something she was good at.

Usng her mind to her advantage Silvia decided to be a spy instead of a thief, and she used her mind to her advantage. Later on she realizes that she has super speed, in a lab test. It was actually with her all this time, but she didnt know how to use it. She used her drama courses and her decieving skills to become a spy. She does what is right, not just what her employer tells her.Silva was angry at this but she realized she could do something she was good at, using her mind and speed to her advantage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Silvia was born with super speed, not realizing how to use it until later in her life though. She is also a good fighter. She is very smart, and has normal attributes of a great spy.