Waterfall (Leila Evers) is a 15 year old girl who has hydrokinetic powers.

Vital Statistics
Real Name Leila Evers
Age 15
Race Human
Born October 18, 1996
Status Alive
Production Details
Created by Daughter Of Poseidon118

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has strawberry blonde hair (Ignore the fact that her hair looks brown in the picture... It's hard to change it from blue to blonde, ok?) and blue eyes. She's 5'10".


Waterfall was born October 18, 1996. She was naturally born with hydrokinetic powers that had been thought to have been lost in her family since the powers had not been seen for several generations. Leila is currently the only living member of her family who has hydrokinesis. She tried to practice her skills on her own, though had no real training until she was 14. She is now being trained by (*insert mentor's name here that I haven't decided*).


She is a sweet, caring, loyal, trustworthy girl who won’t go down without a fight. She’s always determined to do the best she can, even when it seems impossible.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Waterfall has hydrokinetic abilities, which means she can control and manipulate water.

Word BubbleEdit


-Hydrokinetic Hero

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Waterfall's the name and controlling water is my game.