Vital Statistics
Real Name Allen Rider
Alias Werewolf
Age 25
Race Human

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Wolfman (1)

-Wolf Fang

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Money does save the world...

Wolfman (Allen Rider) is a 25 year old human male. His parents took him to different martial arts around the world and became one of the greatest fighters in the world.

Physical appearanceEdit


Wolfman has a grey and black suit, the suit if made of special leather that can protect him from knives and some swords. He has many devices on the costume that protect him from any danger and help him fight like pistols his gloves that can grow long metallic claws. His gloves also have other small devices like Illusion bombs, small knives, etc.


Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Allen is one of the smartest males alive, with his intelligence he was able to create a suit that helps him fight crime.
  • He is a black belt and is an expert at martial arts.



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